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A non-profit organization
"Helping those that help others fit wellness into their own lives."

Our mission is to educate and inspire caregivers in mind and body wellness to care about themselves and their own well-being as much as others. We will accomplish this by providing educational workshops, support groups and also by producing an educational wellness web series, educational videos and documentaries.

Our Slate of Events and Projects for which we are currently raising funds:

Educational and Inspirational Hands On Discussion Group and Workshops

Please join us for a monthly discussion group. Share your experiences and ask questions in a safe and
non-threatening environment. Get the support needed for you and your child. 



Guest Speaker(s)

September 16, 2015

Open Discussion Group

All Attendees

October 21, 2015

Open Discussion Group

All Attendees

November 18, 2015

Open Discussion Group

All Attendees

Our meetings are held at the following location:
George Izay Olive Park
Olive Recreation Center
1111 West Olive Avenue, Room # 3
Burbank, CA

Special Guest Workshops Slated for 2015

Writer Jennie Linthorst
Personal Trainer David O'Donnell
Pranic Healer Alisha Lewis

Educational Wellness Web Series: Fittin' it In™
"Our on going wellness web series travels across the country and
interviews people on unique ways to fit wellness into your life."
Visit our YouTube Channel

Video Series

"The Advocate"

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Annual Budget Goal


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